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Stroke Recovery with Terri Stemple, territory manager for MicroTransponder

Learn about a revolutionary medical device to help stroke patients rehab faster on this episode of the Healthy Living Podcast. Stroke is a leading cause of disability in the U.S. with nearly 800,000 people suffering a stroke each year. In one minute, a stroke can kill 2 million brain cells. 60% of those who survive a stroke are left with arm and hand weakness and paralysis because their brain is no longer communicating with their upper extremities.


Mental health, emotional well-being and cognitive functioning are all intricate expressions of the brain at work. Maintaining the delicate balance of a healthy mind, through various types of supports, is crucial to healthy living.


Young, old or in-between, maximizing your physical health — improving circulation, maintaining healthy weight, building strong muscles and bones and recognizing signs of disease — is key to healthy living at any stage of life.


Spirituality is an essential part of being human, though we have different definitions. Whether you worship in a church, in a boat on the water or in your own mind, the spiritual side of life is an integral part of healthy living.


Whether you have a lot, a little or somewhere in between, money can be one of the biggest stressors on your health. Developing a healthy relationship with money can change your outlook, reduce stress and result in healthy living.