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Teamwork with Patients Provides Best Outcome

The expert team at Lorven Heart and Vascular Institute, LLC specializes in interventional cardiology and cares for the whole vascular system.

Mary Lane, APRN, has been one of the providers since 2014.

Mary chose the path of becoming a nurse practitioner because she believes in having a collaborative relationship with patients. 

She’s worked in family practice, urgent care, the ER, and an open-heart unit, all of which provided a beneficial background for her practice today.

“I love helping people and doing what I can to help them live a healthier lifestyle and have a good quality of life,” says Mary. 

“When I see patients, I don’t believe I should have my nose in the computer. I’ll make notes and finish them later. I want to make eye-to-eye contact with my patients and hear what they’re saying. I dedicate my time with patients to listening to them because they deserve it,” she says.

When problems arise, Mary takes the time to explain so patients understand how the disease process affects them. 

Sometimes a patient is reluctant to take medication or make changes. In that case, she’ll explain what can happen if the situation is ignored.

“With high blood pressure or cholesterol, I’ll share ideas on how to address it with diet and exercise, and not just jump to medication,” she notes. “When patients want to make lifestyle changes, we’ll give them three months to implement the changes. Then they’ll come back, and we’ll check to see if this was successful, or if medication is needed,” says Mary. 

If medication is necessary, she’ll fully explain what benefits the drug offers and any potential side effects. 

“If I ever get to the point where patients are just a number, it’s time for me to retire. Every day I pray to be a good provider and ask the Lord to help me take care of my patients. I can’t do what I do without the Lord,” says Mary, who serves as pianist at her church.

Born and raised in St Pete, Mary has lived in Ocala since 1998. Married for 28 years, Mary and her husband have four daughters.

Mary has had horses and ridden since childhood, so Ocala’s equestrian atmosphere is a plus. When she’s not working, you’ll likely find her horseback on the scenic trails around Marion County. 

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