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Team-Based Care

How Your Health Care Team Works Together to Ensure a Successful Health Care Journey

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For some of us, we rarely see or understand the “behind the scenes” operations of the offices we visit when we go to our medical appointments. We set the appointment, go in and sit in a waiting area and listen for our name to be called so we can see our doctor.

 What we may not see at first glance, however, is a team of highly skilled individuals all working together in a collaborative system where team members share in the responsibilities associated with our health care to achieve the highest quality outcomes possible. Whether you’re feeling well and just need preventive care or for those times when you’re not feeling so well and need the right care at the right time at the right place, team-based care offers many potential advantages.

What are the advantages of team-based care?

There are many advantages to this model of care. To name a few:


Improvement in the quality, safety, and reliability of care

Led by your primary care physician, your care team can include Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), such as Physician Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NP), as well as Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs) and other highly skilled health care professionals. These team members share information and aid in making decisions based on their unique skills – all with the common goal of providing the best and safest possible care to all patients – and all with your doctor leading the way.

Shorter wait times

In the modern and often complex world of medicine, the addition of these team members enhances the services you receive from your primary care physician, so you get the right care at the right time at the right place. Expanded access to care team members can mean shorter wait times as you are afforded more effective and efficient delivery of services.

Better and enhanced access

A team-based approach to your health care allows your physician the flexibility to provide care to more patients and to ensure that they are available with open appointments when you need them the most. Your APP and CMA are in contact with your physician to discuss your care before, during and after each appointment as needed. This allows your physician to focus on the major treatment and diagnostic decisions for you every day.

Efficiency and timeliness

What can be likened to a football team, your primary care physician acts as the “coach” of your medical team and the APPs, MAs, and other medical professionals are the “players.” For you, this gives you the bonus of having someone other than your physician at the ready to answer your questions, help with prescription refills, relay your concerns, to see you at a same day visit and assist with your requests.

So, the next time you visit your doctor, take a closer look – you might be surprised how many team members are collaborating with a shared goal to provide you with coordinated, high-quality health care services.

The Villages Health utilizes a team-based approached to provide its primary care physicians with the flexibility to answer your questions and meet your medical needs quickly. Our team of medical professionals work together every step of the way to provide you with the best possible care – to keep you healthy and
heal you quickly.

For more information, call us today at 352.320.5877.

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