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Tailored Treatment for Optimal Health

It’s a sad truth that most of us take better care of our vehicles than we do our bodies.

When people in Central Florida decide to take an active role in their health journey, they turn to Immunity Health in The Villages.

Whether it’s boosting their immune system to keep from getting sick, or just to be more wellness centered, this pioneering health clinic offers a full menu of services. 

Clients sense the difference the minute they walk in. There’s a palpable feeling of care, kindness, and calm.

Leading the team of expert providers is owner Sabrina Ciceri, who opened Immunity Health in 2020.

“My passion is to inspire and educate people about the power they have to take accountability over their own health,” she says.

After working as a nurse in conventional medicine for 10 years, Sabrina set out on a mission to learn the REAL truth about health. She’s spent the last 20 years gaining wisdom in the area of preventative care and the reversal of diseases and premature aging, rather than treating symptoms.

“Our bodies are wonderfully made and know what to do. When people give their bodies the nutrients and support they need, the body will heal in every way–mentally, spiritually and physically,” says Sabrina.

Over the last 15 years, she’s worked with people from all over the world whose doctors gave them dire prognoses and often just months to live, but the clients proved them wrong by using therapies and lifestyle changes that promote balance and healing.

Among the therapies offered at Immunity Health are:

  • IV infusions
  • Red light therapy 
  • Energy beds
  • Hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Many clients come in for one-time treatments, but others prefer membership packages to take advantage of a combination of therapies that promote wellness and overall health.

“Any individual therapies benefit the body and slow down aging, but when you can layer these modalities, it magnifies the benefits of each therapy,” explains Sabrina. “When you bio-stack nutrients with oxygen, energy, and red light therapy, you are combining the most vital things to optimize your health. It’s called Biohacking and it changes your body positively at a cellular level.” 

When the immune system is strengthened through preventative medicine, clients not only heal, they also look and feel their best.

Not sure what therapies would be most beneficial for you? 

Immunity Health offers free consultations on health, sexual wellness, and skin analysis. Call today to book your consultation and begin your wellness journey.

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