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Richard “Doc” Greer Finds Hope Amid a Terminal Diagnosis . . . Twice

Richard “Doc” Greer finds hope amid a terminal diagnosis . . . twice. 

Seven years ago, Umatilla pharmacist Richard “Doc” Greer walked out of his cardiologist’s office with the earth-shattering news that he had less than 60 days to live. 

Fast forward to today; not only has he defied that terminal diagnosis, he’s touched countless lives by penning a best-selling book emphasizing the power of hope.

“I was not ready to be told that day that there was nothing they could do,” Richard says. “The nurse looked at me on the way out and told me something I’d never forget. She said, ‘There’s a message in this mess of yours.’ But I didn’t want to hear it.”

Richard went to his car, sat on the pavement next to it, and cried out to God. His heart was failing him, but on that very day, he decided not to give up hope. Seven years later, he’s still spreading that message. 

Richard spent the next six years running the Umatilla Drug Store, sharing his miraculous story, and hearing stories from his customers, which inspired his first book, “Crossing Paths, Finding Hope,” which begins with his personal journey. 

What Richard didn’t realize is that he would soon need hope once again.

In February, Richard was faced with yet another terminal diagnosis. On Valentine’s Day, doctors confirmed he had pancreatic cancer and gave him six months to live. 

“My kidneys were shutting down, I had pericarditis around my heart, and my intestines weren’t working,” Richard says. “That’s when they told me I had cancer. Initially, they pretty much said ‘Best of luck to you.’ Happy Valentine’s Day to me.”

The bad news came while Richard was working on his second book, “Crossing Paths, Hope Comes Alive.”

“‘God’s got this’ is all I could say to myself,” Richard states. “He got me through a hopeless situation before and He can do it again if He desires. There’s still a message in this mess.” 

Richard began treatment right away but was told there was a slim chance it would help. However, in his last scan, the cancer was decreasing in size. 

Richard’s ongoing battle isn’t just about restoring his health. It’s about igniting a movement of hope, ensuring that every individual, even in their darkest hours, recognizes that hope can guide us. 

About the Author: Cindy Peterson

Cindy Peterson
Originally from the small town of Berryville, Arkansas, Cindy has become a multimedia specialist in journalism, photography, videography and video editing. She has a B.S. in Communications from the University of Central Arkansas and is a correspondent for The Daily Commercial, LakeFront TV and Beacon College’s PBS talk show, “A World of Difference,” where she received an Anthem Award and Telly Award. When she isn’t working, Cindy spends time with her husband, Ryan, and son, David, traveling and taking photos of landscapes and wildlife.

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