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Guidance for Life-long Wellness

Balance is crucial. When our bodies are out of balance and suffering from inflammation, it’s impossible to be healthy.

Gretta Ellis, APRN, learned this difficult lesson firsthand. Turning her own health around inspired her to help others.

Born in Leesburg and raised in Sumter County, Gretta grew up eating like many Southern families.

“I had major gut issues in my twenties because of inflammation. I knew there had to be an answer and a different option from mainstream medicine and just taking ‘band aid’ medication,” says Gretta. 

“It wasn’t until I got really sick that my eyes were opened. I really think God let this happen and made it my purpose to help others,” she notes. 

Gretta worked as an ER nurse, and in hospice, palliative care, and family medicine before opening Ellis Integrative Family Practice in Tavares. 

“My heart and soul passion is fixing gut health and inflammation because everything starts in the gut. If you don’t have a healthy gut nothing will work right,” says Gretta. “Severe fatigue and joint issues can often be remedied if you address gut inflammation.”

Although many people blame genetics, it’s often lifestyle and diet that cause their health issues. 

Balancing hormones also plays a big role in overall health — for women and men.

Gretta uses bio-identical hormone replacement and measures her patients’ bloodwork to ensure the balance is right.

Whether it’s women struggling with sleep issues, night sweats, weight gain and mood problems, or men battling the loss of testosterone as they age, bio-identical hormones can make a night-and-day difference.

“These aren’t synthetic injections that can pump you up and down like a roller coaster. Bio-identical hormones are incapsulated to slowly dissolve over four months, so they keep you on an even plain,” Gretta explains. “They also help with bone density and brain fog, and act kind of like an anti-aging assistant.”

Patients come to Ellis Integrative for many reasons, including natural approaches to gut health issues, bio-identical hormone replacement, IV therapies, PRP regenerative therapies, food intolerance testing, aesthetics, and natural approaches to autoimmune disease management, etc. 

Patients appreciate that Gretta looks at the big picture to discover any underlying health concerns and then helps them address the root causes, not just treat the symptoms.

If you’re ready to improve your overall health, call today for your appointment.

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