• Published On: May 31, 2022By 2.2 min read

    Being quadriplegic never stopped Bill Miller from accomplishing incredible feats. Photos provided by Jackie Johnson. Sometimes, life and tragedy intersect. You can either wallow in self-pity or accept the hand [...]

  • Published On: April 29, 2022By 2.3 min read

    A local woman introduces a fresh spin on raising scholarship money. Photo: Nicole Hamel Eustis resident Tracy Draper knows how to peddle—or, in her case, pedal—goodwill.  In 2014, the avid [...]

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    Zumba has brought great joy, health, mental clarity to Leo Ramirez’ life, and he delights in teaching his moves to others. Photo: Nicole Hamel When Leo Ramirez thinks about his [...]

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    Aspiring circus artist McKenna Wilkins now teaches art of aerial acrobatics. Story and photos: Cindy Peterson Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? That’s just where 29-year-old aerial [...]

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    The Villages doctor helps restore best quality of life.  Story and photos: Cindy Peterson Ana Sapijaszko is a doctor of physical therapy aiming to improve the lives of those who [...]

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    David Whittaker: ‘Life is a journey. Do the things that make you feel good, keep you healthy, and active.’  Photos: Volkan Ulgen Teaching social and ballroom dancing has been David [...]

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    ‘Yoga changed my life tremendously for the better.’  Photo: Nicole Hamel The practice of yoga is touted for providing health benefits of improved strength, balance, flexibility, relaxation, better sleep, more [...]

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    After almost losing it all, a Mount Dora woman is living life true to herself, while helping others along the way. Photo: Nicole Hamel Sharon Simmons is a believer in [...]

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    Titanic victim probes depths of mind to uncover past life experiences and lead those hurting to present-day solutions.  Photo: Nicole Hamel Sarah Riley’s fear of deep water caused her to [...]

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    Denise Lloyd reaches new heights practicing aerial skills. Photos: Nicole Hamel Going on her 12th year of practicing aerial arts, Denise Lloyd is grateful to have developed her aerial skills [...]

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    Paige Grimes wants to give every kid the chance to dance.  Photos: Nicole Hamel Nineteen-year-old Paige Grimes is ready for her next “step” after hosting the grand opening for her [...]

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    Erica Majors weighs in on her life-changing transformation. It’s the small changes in life that have Erica Majors living large.  Attending social functions without fear of others staring at her. [...]

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    Lake County’s masked man comes to rescue with over 30,000 masks. Photos: Nicole Hamel Tim Totten, owner of Final Embrace, found a creative solution when hospitals and health facilities were [...]

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    Needy get filled, volunteer couple in Mount Dora get fulfilled. For 18 years since retiring to Florida from North Dakota, Cal and Shirley Rolfson are pretty much living the dream.  [...]

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    Clermont woman devotes life to healing mind, body and spirit by targeting trapped emotions. Photos: Nicole Hamel Salina Rubio’s curiosity was sparked the moment she heard about The Emotion Code, [...]