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Body Fat and Inflammation

If you knew that you could drop body fat, reduce inflammation aches and pains, reduce belly bloat and improve energy in just 21 days

Would you consider committing yourself to an action plan to do that? 

Did you know that 90% of all disease states present today are a result of inflammation and that inflammation is a result of the food, drink, and lifestyle choices you make. This means that you have the power to change the way you feel by changing what you eat and drink, along with focused efforts to improve how you move, sleep and think. Over 15 years ago, TNT implemented a program called “Metabolic Reset”, a 21 day program, to help our clients get a quick start to a solid foundation of changing how they feel. You may have heard of metabolic reset as it is now a common phrase that takes on many meanings but this program, developed many years ago and refined over the years has become a power tool for our clients and something you now have access to without being a TNT client. Why? Because we believe everyone deserves to know how to live well.

The RESET word was intentional when my business partner and I started developing this program many years ago. We knew that, similar to a hard reset on a device, the body needs these periods of time, both initially and as a part of a solid wellness plan to “hard reset” , clean up, deload and get back to running well, in order to develop resilience. In 21 days, yes, just 21 days, you are creating a shift towards hormone balance starting with glucose and insulin, key hormones that control your blood sugar, which we know are the hormones that not only can be dysregulated leading to diabetes but 10-15 years earlier than that diagnosis, this dysfunction leads to inflammation, poor circulation, mood changes, fatigue, brain fog and more…. The primary complaints that many see their doctors for. 

So what is it? It is a period of time, following a specific plan, that you make committed efforts to “deload” your body, removing or significantly reducing the incoming environmental toxic exposures while at the same time, ingesting foods and taking targeted supplement support that is necessary to enhance your bodies ability to “take out the trash”, clean up, reduce inflammation and feel better. The food is what you make, following a plan laid out for you in a structured easy to follow way, and it is a dance through the 21 days, as you experience changes in your body that you will feel. And the best part is, the benefits last beyond the 21 days. At the conclusion of your reset, you have created good soil, a body that is less inflammed, and therefore ready to offload body fat with any continued efforts to mindfully and purposefully follow the steps we lay out for POST RESET. 

If you don’t believe me, consider hearing what our clients say. What a powerful way to start your year off right, with a goal of LIVING WELL. Stop the madness of striving for weight loss and get your mind set on establishing new patterns that improve longevity and a life of vitality. 

21 days to feeling refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated! 

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