• Published On: July 30, 2022By 1.9 min read

    Jay Paynter transforms life and loses over 100 pounds. ‘I now feel like I’m in my 20s!’ It’s difficult to recognize Jay Paynter today from the “before” photos of him [...]

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    Nurse Practitioner Amanda Neil found success losing weight with a healthy, practical mindset and now she helps others do the same. Struggling to lose weight? You’re not alone. The diet [...]

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    ‘Yoga changed my life tremendously for the better.’  Photo: Nicole Hamel The practice of yoga is touted for providing health benefits of improved strength, balance, flexibility, relaxation, better sleep, more [...]

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    This year, more than ever it’s important to focus on heart health by adopting a healthier lifestyle to prevent heart disease, says Lori Johnson, family and consumer science agent for [...]

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    A doctor’s warning inspires a mother-daughter duo to lose 154 pounds combined and start “I Lost to Gain” life coaching.  Photos: Douglas Tyler  Lynn Anoa’i reached a pivotal moment in [...]

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    theCross church embraces unexpected changes with grace and as part of God’s plan.  Story: Theresa Campbell Photos: Michelle Coombs Photography  The adage “When one door closes, another door opens” describes how [...]

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    Vietnam veteran doesn’t let PTSD define him.  Photos: Nicole Hamel   Experiencing the war zone of street fights and gangs while growing up in Brooklyn, New York, may have been [...]

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    A Boston Marathon bombing survivor says proper PTSD treatment can help ‘reboot the brain.’  Photo: Douglas Tyler   Mount Dora resident Rebekah Gregory and her then-5-year-old son, Noah, were less [...]

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    Lake Countians count their blessings on Thanksgiving and beyond.  Story: Theresa Campbell  Thanksgiving is a busy time for travel and the only time some families see each other all year [...]

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    Executive director values leading Villages group of commissioned sales executives and entrepreneurs  After enjoyable interactions with a group of Ocala businesswomen, Joanne Murray was inspired to become active in The Villages chapter [...]

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    Author Louis Bezich pens motivating strategies for men over 50 to achieve optimum health. Bookstore shelves are loaded with diet and fitness books, yet Louis Bezich feels sedentary men in [...]

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    Mother of four focuses on living positively while battling breast cancer. René Anderson’s radiologist husband didn’t have to say a word. His somber face was a clue about her mammogram [...]

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    Instead of taking opioids or ibuprofen for relief, a local professor exercises, stays busy, and talks loud—all coping efforts to override pain. On a scale of 10, there are days [...]

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    Motorcycle racer Monty Klein: ‘I’ve been racing my whole life, so it is in me. To stop doing something you really love would kill me.’ Open-heart surgeries, a pacemaker, four [...]

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    The new superintendent overseeing 5,500 employees and 43,000 students sees her job as being a ‘coach.’ Writer: Theresa Campbell Lake County Schools Superintendent Diane Kornegay is seven months into her [...]