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A Voice Unmasked

Local doctor speaks out against the government’s coronavirus response. 

alking about the coronavirus vaccine is a touchy subject, but Dr. Richard Bosshardt hasn’t shied away from addressing the controversial topic. In fact, you could say he’s given it his best shot.  

The Tavares plastic surgeon has spent countless hours writing about coronavirus-related topics since March 2020 when his practice was deemed a nonessential business and closed for six weeks. The shutdown afforded him ample time to research what reputable epidemiologists were saying about the virus and subsequent economic lockdowns.  

Many disagreed with Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who was influential in shaping the White House’s coronavirus response. Dr. Bosshardt shared their perspectives on his Facebook page and his blog, beyondplasticmd.com.

“Both epidemiologists and public health specialists were saying that we’re going to kill people with these lockdowns,” Dr. Bosshardt says. “I couldn’t just sit back and say nothing. It is my attempt to get information out there to counter what the prevailing narrative is. My writings are not based on my personal opinion; they are based on the expertise of epidemiologists whom I’ve researched and contacted. I share that information so people can make the best health care decisions
for themselves.” 

Dr. Bosshardt is vocal about the devastating ripple effects brought on by the lockdown. He views the lockdown not as a trade-off between lives and the economy but rather lives and lives.  

“There have been lives lost to suicides and overdoses brought on by financial ruin,” he says. “There have been lives lost because patients with illnesses other than coronavirus struggled to find adequate treatments in an overwhelmed health care system.” 

In other posts, he voices his frustration over the astonishing display of mask mandate hypocrisy. Images of lawmakers not wearing masks at public events left Dr. Bosshardt frustrated. 

“My writings are not based on my personal opinion; they are based on the expertise of epidemiologists whom I’ve researched and contacted.” 

—Dr. Richard Bosshardt

“Politicians enact laws that force us to wear masks, yet somehow they think they’re exempt,” he says. “It’s absolutely ridiculous.”  

Though he’s not an anti-vaxxer, he does question the ethics and effectiveness behind vaccine mandates.  

“The vaccines were the biggest human experiment in the history of mankind,” he says. “We now know the vaccine does not prevent getting COVID or prevent the transmission of COVID.” 

Today, Dr. Bosshardt continues writing about coronavirus topics and generates plenty of discussion. Much like the virus, his posts spread far and wide. People who are not his Facebook friends often comment on his posts.

“I have people comment whom I’ve never heard of,” he says. 

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