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5 Mindset Shifts You Can Use to Cultivate Happiness

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Everyone is looking for happiness, but how do you know where to find it? Who can give it to you? Where should you look? Mindset theory suggests that we can create our own happiness. Here are five mindset shifts that studies show have a direct relationship to individual happiness.

Being grateful is a state of mind that fosters happiness. Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, a psychologist from the University of Pennsylvania, tested 411 people who hand delivered thank-you letters to those who had been kind to them, revealing elevated and lasting happiness scores compared with the control who just journaled about memories.

Gratitude was the catalyst that enabled a client I worked with to find her soulmate. She was focusing on what disappointed her about each person she met. I helped her recognize that each time she met a new potential match, if she were grateful for what she appreciated about them, the universe would co-conspire with her and send her more opportunities for appreciation. She was making progress but didn’t see it because she was focused on what was wrong, instead of being grateful that she was meeting people to get to know on the way to her soulmate. It was the shift she needed that changed everything.

Being specific about what you would love in your health, relationships, vocation and finances and nurturing that vision daily with inspired actions will elevate your life quickly. The key question to ask yourself is, “if I could create my life to be any way I wanted, what would I love?”

Inspired action is a nudge from the universe to do something. It’s an idea that feels light, exciting and fun. I wanted to live somewhere warm and sunny as part of my vision. One year I took a cruise to Belize. My ship dinner mates had a home in Florida. They invited me to visit them. I visited them and got the inspiration to move. Six months later, I realized my vision of a warm and sunny lifestyle and moved to Florida.

Repeating affirmations that replace negative, limiting beliefs with positive, memorable statements will not only create a life you prefer but also raise your energetic vibration which I have noticed feels great!

Carry a journal with you for a week and write down when you feel negative. Ask yourself what you were thinking that caused the feeling? Then, work to write an affirmation that reframes your negative belief into one that supports what you desire.

Having compassion and expressing kindness to yourself and others helps expand contentment. Being compassionate is demonstrated by small acts of kindness like carrying your 90-year-old neighbor’s groceries into their home for them because you see it’s not easy for them at ninety.  You can be compassionate to yourself, as well, by forgiving yourself when you need to, for example.

You can direct your life in the direction of your dreams by imagining a scene where you have fulfilled your desire. Picture your perfect life and feel the joy you achieved. The best time to visualize is just before sleep. If you want a promotion for instance, imagine yourself with someone who loves you and see and hear them congratulating you on your new position. Feel the joy of your accomplishment.

Practicing these five shifts daily will give you new energy and increased contentment. Try it for 30 days to form a habit that elevates your life!



About the Author: Deborah DIppolito

Deborah DIppolito
Deborah Dippolito is an intuitive, certified life coach and author of the book, “Dance the Music of Your Soul”. She’s trained in helping clients get clear on their vision and realize their dreams. Her training is extensive. Her certifications are from Global Sciences, Altimo Co and Brave Thinking Institute. She is committed to helping you realize your calling and enjoy a powerful life.

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