• Published On: January 31, 2022By 5.5 min read

    Glutathione, which is essential to help the immune system function properly, offers many health benefits.  Everybody touts the latest and greatest natural supplement to help with health problems.  Take Vitamin [...]

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    If looking to learn how to ride, stretch or breathe better, there’s a one-stop barn in Eustis that can have you gaiting in that direction successfully in no time.  Photos: [...]

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    Looking to feel better, heart, mind, and soul? Just kick off your shoes, walk, and soak up some Vitamin ‘G.’ Photos: Nicole Hamel Clermont’s Marcela Malvido believes that everyone really [...]

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    Thom Battisto and Toby Read to Sydney brings books, children, and trained therapy dogs together for a reading experience that transcends boundaries. Photos: Nicole Hamel Even though it [...]

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    Five breast cancer patients with one thing in common: a fighting spirit. Photos: Nicole Hamel With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’ll undoubtedly be bombarded with statistics, studies, and [...]

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    Walter and Rhiannon Rogers Car accident leads to career change helping others improve lives through stretching. Photos: Nicole Hamel Volkan Ulgen was accompanied to a comfortably padded bench, [...]

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    Vale Anoa’i, Afa Anoa’i, and Lynn Anoa’i Wrestling icon flexes his faith to help aspiring wrestlers reach their dreams.   Photos: Anthony Rao A group of spandex-clad warriors gather around [...]

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    Facebook groups bring paddle boarders and kayakers together while providing a sense of community. Photos provided by Katie Hays. Their stories of paddling down lakes, rivers, and springs spark intrigue. [...]

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    Betty Lemley Lake County, state officials working together on getting as many people vaccinated as possible. Photos: Nicole Hamel A few months ago, Betty Lemley arrived at her new [...]

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    A diet of 80% whole foods does a body good. Food as medicine is by no means a new concept. The idea derives from 5th century science and Hippocrates, the [...]

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    A doctor’s warning inspires a mother-daughter duo to lose 154 pounds combined and start “I Lost to Gain” life coaching.  Photos: Douglas Tyler  Lynn Anoa’i reached a pivotal moment in [...]

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    Medical professionals talk about how they cope with their jobs.  Compiled by: James Combs and Chris Gerbasi Burnout on the job is not exactly a new concept, but its consequences [...]

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    theCross church embraces unexpected changes with grace and as part of God’s plan.  Story: Theresa Campbell Photos: Michelle Coombs Photography  The adage “When one door closes, another door opens” describes how [...]

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    Here are 5 tips to live a simpler life in a complex world. Story: Gary Collins   Millennials have been coined “the burnout generation.” Culture observers attribute the burnout to [...]

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    Millennials want more acceptance for facing student debt, low-paying jobs and high expectations. Story: Victoria Schlabig  Millennials grew up in a much different world than preceding generations, not only due [...]